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Samia Mounts is a singer, actor, and writer currently based in Seoul, Korea, after spending ten years in New York City. She grew up on a US Army Post in Seoul, the daughter of an Air Force JAG lawyer and a teacher/school administrator. After graduating from Seoul American High School, she went on to receive conservatory training in musical theatre at the Boston Conservatory, before moving to New York in 2008 to pursue a career in the performing arts. She's worked extensively in theatre and voice-over, as well as a side career as a brand ambassador for high-end wines and spirits. She also releases original music under the name Samia XI.

This project was the result of Samia's desire to heal some of the anger and resentment she felt after the 2016 election. Political despair was getting to be a real drag, and limited her ability to get anything done to change things for the better. Also, she started to recognize a new kind of bigotry in the United States - political bigotry. What else do you call it when people feel justified in making huge character judgements based on one thing about a person (in this case, the way they voted)? Replacing all that anger and bitterness with curiosity and compassion has done wonders for her psyche - and saved her lots of money on therapy.

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