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Here are few articles and essays that touch on some of what Doug and I discussed on the show:


The Aftermath of Bill Cosby's Admission? That's Rape Culture

Brock Turner and the Need for Feminist Action

Why We Still Need Feminism

Why Men Need Feminism

And if you really wanna go deep, pick up a copy of Rebecca Solnit's feminist manifesto, Men Explain Things to Me. When I was reading this book, all I could think was, "YES YES YES SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!!" Rebecca Solnit has an incredible way of pointing out the many subtle but still damaging ways that women are degraded in our culture - and she doesn't ignore the big stuff, either. It's a great read, and everyone should pick it up. Men, especially.

White Privilege

If you don't have time to read a whole essay, like this collection of them from Bustle, here's a useful comic strip explaining white privilege. I also like these:


Peculiar Benefits

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

You can also just watch one of these videos:

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